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Serving Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Absolute Recycling - experts in used oil recycling.

We collect, transport and process used automotive and mineral-based industrial oils. We maintain some of the industry’s highest financial assurances to protect each generator of used oil.

We can collect used oil from automotive repair shops, car dealerships, quick lubes and manufacturing facilities, among others. We provide reliable and courteous service with each used oil pick up.

Our personnel are trained and informed on how to best meet your needs. Absolute Recycling maintains a highly effective tracking system to monitor your service frequency, eliminating the possibility of spills or releases. We have accumulated over 15 years of environmental compliance service.

Latest News and Information

Absolute Recycling - burner fuels.

We deliver on-specification burner fuel that has been de-watered, filtered and tested.

Whether you're an asphalt company or a small repair shop needing burner fuel, we can help.

Absolute Recycling - used oil filters.

In some states drained used oil filters can go directly into landfills. Absolute Recycling can instead recycle each component of a used oil filter, eliminating groundwater contamination and doing the right thing as an environmental partner.

Absolute Recycling - used antifreeze.

We collect used antifreeze destined for recycling. In the automotive industry, used antifreeze collection is a natural fit.

We also collect Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol.

Absolute Recycling - vacuum services.

We have formed partnerships with vacuum services companies that are competitively priced and environmentally ethical.

We can schedule a site visit to determine your particular scope of work.

Absolute Recycling - hazardous waste.

We are a non-hazardous facility, but have formed relationships and pricing with a hazardous waste facility whom we trust.

Call us to help you through this very complex process.